The End of 2022

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Cataract surgery, the DCU, cold weather, and road testing
Donovan ends 2022 discussing his wife's cataract surgery and how well that went (even if it was damned expensive!).  He also gives his opinion on James Gunn and the DCU and how, at first, he thought it was going to be a positive thing but with what has happened in the last 2 months, he no longer has any interest in Gunn's new DCU.  The same goes with Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher as well as Donovan's attempt to watch The Witcher:  Blood Origin.  It's not very good.  Rounding out the podcast is talk about the cold weather that descended upon the United States for Christmas and his daughter's road test for her license and how much that has changed just in the last 2 years!

  • (01:37) - Cataract Surgery
  • (19:21) - The DCU - The Witcher
  • (33:49) - Cold Weather - Driver's License
  • (53:19) - Outro
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The End of 2022
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