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Donovan hits 89 days of sobriety as of this recording. He also has a beef about Jury Duty.
Editor's Note:  This episode was recorded using a wireless lapel mic, so apologies for the diminished sound quality.  

On the day of this recording, Donovan was living through his 89th day of sobriety with the 90th day (or 3 month mark) being October 1st (a Saturday).  

Donovan also talks about jury duty and how his wife has been sent a summons.  In 2020 she was sent a summons but she's legally blind, cannot drive, and with Donovan's business, can't rely on having transportation to and from the courthouse.  She was excused in 2020, so they're going to try and do the same thing again and hope the clerk is once again compassionate about the issue.

As usual, there are also some tangents.  It's DDP, what do you expect?
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