Being Offended Is Your Problem, Not Anyone Else's

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Everyone seems to get offended about SOMETHING lately. You know what? That's their problem, not anyone else's.
Mid-terms are coming up and Donovan is shocked by how close some of the races are; they just don't make sense.  He also provides an update on his wife's cataract surgery.  Lastly, as the title implies, people are upset over Taylor Swifts latest video (specifically a scene in it), and a young couple shared their happiness of enjoying coffee in their garden each morning and the Internet just wasn't having it.

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker accused by second woman of paying for her abortion (

Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero Music Video Has Scene Removed After Singer Is Accused Of Fat-Shaming | HuffPost UK Entertainment (

Woman Faces Backlash For Coffee With Husband Tweet (

  • (00:19) - Mid-term Rant
  • (03:18) - Religious Rule?
  • (03:56) - Beliefs
  • (04:33) - Atheism
  • (04:57) - Deep South Racism
  • (06:32) - Herschel Walker
  • (07:52) - Walker's Abortion Ban Flip-Flop
  • (08:40) - Walker's Idiocy
  • (09:04) - Dr. Oz
  • (09:37) - Wife's Cataract Surgery Update
  • (12:31) - Taylor Swift's Fat Shaming Controversy
  • (14:38) - Stupid High School Fat Jokes
  • (18:30) - So Much For Sharing Happiness
  • (24:03) - No One Can Be Happy If I'm Not Happy
  • (24:48) - We Were Fortunate
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Being Offended Is Your Problem, Not Anyone Else's
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