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The End of 2022

Cataract surgery, the DCU, cold weather, and road testing

Being Offended Is Your Problem, Not Anyone Else's

Everyone seems to get offended about SOMETHING lately. You know what? That's their problem, not anyone else's.

Professional Jurors

Donovan hits 89 days of sobriety as of this recording. He also has a beef about Jury Duty.

What’s Happened to Customer Service?

In a rambling explanation of an incident when dealing with tech support at an ISP, Donovan explains how he prefers smaller ISPs over large corporate providers. Also, i...

Don’t Trust Social Media Companies

As if you didn’t already know that you shouldn’t trust social media companies, whether it’s Meta (i.e. Facebook), Twitter, or any of them, always be on guard and vigil...

Marking 30 Days of Sobriety

In this episode, I discuss being sober for 30 days, my short-term and long-term goals with sobriety, and how my life seems to be on somewhat of a better footing and pa...

The House is Too Big

In this episode, I discuss my wife and I feeling the “empty nest syndrome” as our youngest son has relocated clear across the country to the west coast for a new job. ...

The Cracks in Our Country

I’m bringing the DDP back (at least for one episode, could be more, but who knows) to discuss the state of our country, specifically about the Supreme Court’s decision...

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